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Posted: Wed 14. Aug 2019, 18:26
by HHrubesch

the following parameters of CAN_RegisterNet() are not clear to me:


Your documentation does not clearly say, what values should be supplied there.

Is "net" any value I can chose from the legal range?

Is "hw" bound to specific hardware? In case of pcan_usb, what are legal values for "hw"? How do I find out, what values belong to what hardware?

Your Visual-C console sample code does not call CAN_RegisterNet(), it calls CAN_RegisterClient() followed by CAN_ConnectToNet(). If a net has not been created before, is it created by CAN_ConnectToNet()? If so, what baud rate is used?

Re: CAN_RegisterNet

Posted: Thu 15. Aug 2019, 09:06
by HHrubesch
One more related question:

I need to implement a new class, so that an existing huge codebase will use the underlying PCAN-Developer 4 API instead of PCAN-Basic.

For the PCAN-Basic CAN_Initialize() function: how can the parameters "Channel" and "HwType" be mapped to the PCAN-Developer 4 API?

Re: CAN_RegisterNet

Posted: Thu 15. Aug 2019, 10:26
by K.Wagner

Please send an email with your name and license number to support[at] Then we will able to answer your questions.

Re: CAN_RegisterNet

Posted: Thu 15. Aug 2019, 12:23
by K.Wagner
Answered by email. Closed.