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Segmentation capabilty

Posted: Thu 29. Nov 2018, 16:54
Are your PCAN-LIN gateways able to manage segmentation of LIN frames (UDS protocol)? I mean are they able to transfert from and to CAN bus the segmented frames to recreate a longer data contents?

Re: Segmentation capabilty

Posted: Fri 30. Nov 2018, 11:56
by M.Maidhof

the PCAN-LIN gives you access to the raw CAN and LIN data, so you can use any protocol on LIN or CAN.

Please note that on a LIN system an ISOTP protocol is very common, while on CAN UDS is used. If you want to tunnel those protocols with the gateway functionality, take care that on ISOTP the LIN frames will have the node ID in the first byte. This is due to the fact that LIN uses a fixed 3C/3D communication for diagnose messages, while CAN can use different CAN IDs to access different CAN nodes with UDS.