Connecting LIN device to CAN network

RS-232 to CAN/LIN Interface
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Connecting LIN device to CAN network

Post by AdamP » Tue 11. Dec 2018, 09:28

currently I have little car simulation with 3 ECUs. I used three RPi 3 with PiCAN 2 shield and AGL (Automotive Grade Linux) as my system. They are all communicating via CAN and I'm tracking CAN frames on my PC since the network is connected to my PC with PCAN-USB. Everything is running fine, but right now I'd like to add real car steering wheel and connect it to one of the ECU on the CAN network. I would like to use multi function buttons in order to interact with infotainment system which is located on ECU with touchscreen.
I'd like to ask you how would you go around about doing it? Could I use PCAN-LIN? It would not be just straight LIN to CAN communication, because I need to inform infotainment ECU about which frames it's supposed to use and how to use them. Then also steering wheel is using 12V, so I cannot supply power directly from RPi to it.

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Re: Connecting LIN device to CAN network

Post by M.Maidhof » Tue 11. Dec 2018, 13:21


you could use the PCAN-LIN in combination with a PCAN-Router, to modify the LIN-messages for your ECU. PCAN-Router will receive the LIN (CAN) messages on CAN1 and will send the adapted messages on CAN2 for your ECUs.



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