create CAN error conditions

CAN FD Interface for M.2 (PCIe)
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create CAN error conditions

Post by kkittukn » Tue 7. May 2019, 09:09


I am working in Raspberry pi. I have a CAN shield, MCP2515. I connected it to Raspberry pi. And tried to send a CAN message and it is sending. I used canSend API to check it. I can see the CAN message in canalyzer software. For my project, I need to make some error conditions. Can I make it programatically? I mean send some CAN frames from python and then CAN bus will generate a CAN error. Is it possible?

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Re: create CAN error conditions

Post by U.Wilhelm » Tue 7. May 2019, 09:35

You do not use any PEAK-System Product - so you need to aks in a Forum where your Hardware is supported.
We do not know the CAN Shield you use - and we do not offer support for other companies hardware - sorry!
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