SD1 and SD2 access.

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SD1 and SD2 access.

Post by gregstarns » Wed 22. Jul 2020, 15:54

I have built a sample program that has FATFS working in SDRAM, EEPROM and SPI_FLASH, but I now want to read the internal EMMC (and then the SDCARD).
To do this i need to talk to the SDCARD external, and the internal EMMC hardware pins, but can find no hardware definitions in the samples or help.
There is one mention for each which is the LED for SD1 and SD2.
do you have a sample doc or example code to talk to the SDCARD and EMMC?

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Re: SD1 and SD2 access.

Post by M.Heidemann » Thu 23. Jul 2020, 09:12

Hello Greg,

We have not yet released examples for this but we are currently developing those examples which are currently in a Beta-state. If you are interested in getting the Beta-examples we currently have, please send us an email to support[at]

Please refer to this forum post.

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Edit: user contacted us via email