Retrieve Slave data from unconditional scheduler frames

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Retrieve Slave data from unconditional scheduler frames

Post by davidd » Wed 6. Apr 2022, 09:54

I recently started developing a LIN-Master Script for communication with our LIN-Device.
I've attached a working test-script (please enable attaching .sh files in this forum).
Master Data is sent out on FrameID 32, Slave Data should be received on Frames 33-38.
I can confirm the functionality by attaching a logic-analyser: our device writes the Slave Data into the correct frames.
My problem is that I cannot retrieve this data from the scheduled frames.
I tried

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./lin get sfe
to display the subscriber frames and also dumped all the memory transfered by ioctl - I only received 0's.
How do I implement this?

Thank you in advance!
- David
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Re: Retrieve Slave data from unconditional scheduler frames

Post by S.Grosjean » Wed 6. Apr 2022, 14:55


To read data written by the slave, please use:

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$ linread /dev/plin0
after having started the scheduler like you do. See also "linread --help" for a list of available options of the display format.

— Stéphane

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