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Welcome to the PCANBasic .NET Assembly Beta

Posted: Mon 7. Dec 2020, 14:31
by M.Heidemann
Hello Everyone,

We are excited to introduce you to the new PCANBasic.NET Beta.

Link to the PCANBasic .NET Beta Package: no longer available Please use the link in the next Post

The PCANBasic.NET Beta package contains the PCANBasic.NET Assembly (PCANBasic.NET.dll / PCANBasic.NET.xml), installation instructions as a PDF and a example application (.NET Core 3.1).

The example application lists the available hardware for both USB and PCI/PCIe based devices.

This package can be used on both Windows and Linux systems,
both variants are described in the installation instructions.

Questions, remarks and suggestions for improvment can be posted in this forum as a new

We appreciate your feedback!

Best Regards


Re: Welcome to the PCANBasic .NET Assembly Beta

Posted: Thu 21. Apr 2022, 14:21
by U.Wilhelm
Here the Link to the update Package: LINK