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Is the PCANBasic .NET Assembly Be compatible with .NET 5.0?

Posted: Fri 11. Dec 2020, 14:36
by ChololateIT

that's great! Is the lib compatible with .NET 5.0?


Re: Welcome to the PCANBasic .NET Assembly Beta

Posted: Mon 14. Dec 2020, 09:13
by M.Heidemann

The PCANBasic .Net Assembly was developed on basis of .NET Standard 1.0 and according
to the information provided by microsoft is compatible with .NET 5.0

Here a link to the microsoft-page going into further detail: ... t-standard

To quote microsoft regarding this
For existing code that targets netstandard, there's no need to change the TFM to net5.0. .NET 5.0 implements .NET Standard 2.1 and earlier. The only reason to retarget from .NET Standard to .NET 5.0 would be to gain access to more runtime features, language features, or APIs. For example, in order to use C# 9, you need to target .NET 5.0. You can multitarget .NET 5.0 and .NET Standard to get access to newer features and still have your library available to other .NET implementations.
For further questions feel free to contact me again.

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Re: Is the PCANBasic .NET Assembly Be compatible with .NET 5.0?

Posted: Wed 24. Nov 2021, 14:02
by ChololateIT

we are using it with net5 without issues (on Windows). Still on the first version of the PCANBasic .NET.