Bus Converter High-speed CAN to Single-wire CAN
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Post by willmaqua » Fri 12. Oct 2018, 23:44


I am using the PCAN-AU5790, but the red-power is not coming on. I have connected a 5V voltage supply directly to pin 1, but the red light does not come on.

I am also connecting the adapter to a PCAN-PCI Express FD Four Channel card. The manual states to solder JP7 on the card for the additional 5V supply, but the red light on the adapter does not come on still when connected to the card.

Could the adapter be broken? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: PCAN-AU5790

Post by U.Wilhelm » Mon 15. Oct 2018, 08:43

All PCAN-AU-5790 adaptors are tested before they leave our company and therefore it´s really uncommon that a customer get a faulty device. Please check your wiring and take care that you don´t mixed up the wiring, if you power up the device with 5V DC at pin 1 and GND at pin 3 or pin 6 the red LED must be ON.
!! Please verify that current limiter from your power supply is not active !!
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