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dbc (Symbols File) for Explorer + combine CAN message

Posted: Fri 1. Dec 2017, 09:38
by bgipt
Hi all
I'm brand new to CAN, so I have zero knowledge and am trying to find my feet with it. I have a MicroMod Analogue 2 Module that I need some assistance with. I am only using a single 10Vdc input on Ain0 and then transmitting via the CAN output, and I am not using the Aout channels. I have two questions really:

1. Is there a DBC (Symbols) file to use in PCAN Explorer so that the actual voltage input can be read in PCAN Explorer?
2. I would like to take the analogue input and assimilate it with data that sent from another CAN device (1) and then send the combined message to another device (2).
a. Is this possible to construct the message and transmit it from the MicroMod Module? The MicroMod will take an analogue input that will be the Torque Command (and replace it as shown currently as 74.8Nm that is transmitted from Device 1). It will then make a new CAN message to replicate the original one sent by Device 1 for use by Device 3. The benefit is that this will enable much faster torque control than the slower CAN from Device 1.
b. The analogue input will be faster than the CAN message from the second device and we want to transmit the combined message to the third device as fast as possible. In this case will it simply retain the value from the slower CAN to use in the transmitted CAN message to the third CAN device until it sees a change?

Any help / guidance will be gratefully received.



Re: dbc (Symbols File) for Explorer + combine CAN message

Posted: Fri 1. Dec 2017, 13:20
by G.Lang

here are the answers

1. Please export the MicroMod configuration file (*.mcf) via the PCAN-MicroMod configuration tool into a SYM file.
micromod_config_export.jpg (376.42 KiB) Viewed 3988 times
The PCAN-Explorer itself operate always with sym files, DBC files are also changed into the SYM format and therefore a conversation from SYM to DBC is not necessary. But you can do this (if the CANdb add-in is available at your PCAN-Explorer) -> open the PCAN-Explorer and start the Symbol Editor
open_symbol_editor.jpg (159.85 KiB) Viewed 3988 times
and convert the SYM file into a DBC file
export_as_dbc.jpg (379.73 KiB) Viewed 3988 times
2a. The PCAN-MicroMod itself can´t combine/assimillate these both messages/values. Please use the VBS capability of the PCAN-Explorer 5/& and combine/assimilate both messages/values to a new messages/value.

Examples for doing this can be found at the following topics in our forum: ... power#p418 ... ower#p5949

2b. This can be also realized via VBS

best regards