Firmware Upload

Application-specific PCAN-MicroMod Motherboards
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Firmware Upload

Post by geromidg » Fri 13. Nov 2015, 03:07


I'm currently using the Analog 2 motherboard and I'd like to flash one of the example firmwares.
Can it be done without using the Evaluation Board?

Also, could someone please give me a hint on how to compile an example or custom firmware?

Thank you.

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Re: Firmware Upload

Post by M.Maidhof » Fri 13. Nov 2015, 10:48


yes, you can use the PCAN-Flash tool, to flash a firmware to the module by CAN. Please take care that PCAN-Flash software will only work with firmwares offering a CAN bootloader. When you flash a CAN-Open firmware, you need a Evalboard with serial flash option, to be able to load another firmware on the device again. (CAN Open FW don´t offer a CAN bootloader).

You will find all tools on our product CD in the following directory: \Develop\Microcontroller hardware\PCAN-MicroMod\

To write an own firmware for the PCAN-MicroMod you need to get the compiler (Softune Workbench) from an official distributor of Spansion/Fujitsu. Examples to write own firmware are also available on our CD.

best regards


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