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Isolated Grounds?

Posted: Fri 12. Jul 2019, 15:25
by aedwardsKraken
This may seem like a silly question, but the documentation for this device doesn't explicitly state it and isn't very thorough. Are the two Signal Grounds on the primary and secondary side of the Optoadapter isolated from each other? The datasheet labels them both as GND instead of as GND-Primary and GND-Secondary which would be a clear way to indicate they are separate signals. I'm assuming they are, otherwise this device wouldn't do very much, but I'm frustrated by the lack of clear documentation and I've found making assumptions about electronic systems is never a good idea.

Re: Isolated Grounds?

Posted: Sat 13. Jul 2019, 15:16
by U.Wilhelm
The PCAN-Optoadapter is a universal plug-on adapter to allow galvanic isolation of High-speed CAN bus systems.
The CAN H - CAN L and also CAN GND of each Channel are isolated - otherwise the unit makes no sense. See Doku, it is exact the same info as for CAN-H and CAN-L.