few simple question

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few simple question

Post by GrzegorzK » Wed 12. Feb 2014, 23:14

I am starting explore GPRS-link, looking a platform for my telemetric system.
Actually I did not process all examples yet, but before I start I would like to ask some question:

1. where is a limitation of SD card size (2GB i suppose), is it possible to increase?
2. Am I correct understand that appi in gprs.h allow to me to send any data to any server? I need my custom connection to custom and wonder if it possible. So I understand that API pack data to frame (described in documentation), so on server side I simply have to unpack, correct?
3. are there available other modems compatible with this platform? I would like to speed up this connection?
4. libs are only in precompiled version, whithout source code?

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Hardware Development
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Re: few simple question

Post by S.Michaelsen » Thu 13. Feb 2014, 08:24

Hello Greg,

1) The MMC lib functions can not work with SDHC cards so the card size is limited to 2GB
2) Yes you simply need to unpack your data from this structure
3) No, there are no other compatible modems
4) You are right. The libs are only delivered precompiled

Best Regards,

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