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Send SMS message

Post by JPS7495 » Wed 26. Oct 2016, 15:22

Some questions about SMS:
I receive somes frame on serial port:
+WIND :3 (is it related to <event> from document AT_Command_Interface_Guide page 141)

I try to send sms with function:
It has no effect,
Do we need to write like this

Do you have an example which works?


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Hardware Development
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Re: Send SMS message

Post by S.Michaelsen » Thu 27. Oct 2016, 08:28

Any existing examples where delivered with the Product on CD.
For closer details to the message sending command please have a look into GPRS modules documentation (AT_Command_Interface_Guide.pdf chapter "Send Message +CMGS").

I'm not sure if you've replaced any digit of the number you try to send with a 'x' but if so you might try to

The behavior of the AT-Firmware might be unexpected if there is an '\0' at the end of the destination address while it ignores an additional '\r'.


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