Pcan_usb.dll problem with windows7

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Pcan_usb.dll problem with windows7

Post by ehs-bertram » Fri 22. Nov 2013, 12:10


I have a OLD system with PCAN_USB.dll "PCAN_USB (WDM version)".

It's running at many XP systems.

Now we try to test it on a windows7 x32 system, but it fails.

I load the PCAN_USB.dll dynamically and this seems to work.
I get the function addresses with

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GetProcAddress(hinstPcanDLL, "CAN_Status");
and this seems to work, too (If I output them, they seem to be equal with an XP-System).

But if I call CAN_Status I get the result -1 (0xFFFFFFFF) and calling CAN_VersionInfo(myBuffer) will not change myBuffer anymore.

I can't see any good reason for this.

Thanks for any help

Btw. It's not possible to switch to the newest DLL-Version, as this is a very complex system and we have currentyl no time to upgrade it.

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Re: Pcan_usb.dll problem with windows7

Post by U.Wilhelm » Mon 25. Nov 2013, 09:16

If you want to get the Software run on a Windows 7 System you need to use the latest drivers (3.x) and so you need to replace the PCAN-Light DLL to minimum Version 1.52. You have NOTHING to change inside your software simply replace the DLL. So upgrade to a 1.52 DLL need no extra work - simply replace it.
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