pcan light dual channel issue

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pcan light dual channel issue

Post by sajidhh » Thu 12. May 2011, 17:46

i am using pcan light dual channel card
i have properly initialized both channels of card using functions CAN_Init and CAN2_Int
now i send data on both channels and then read both channels
for sending data on both channels i first call
CAN_Write and then
and read both channles for reply from other machines uisng functions
on other side i have PC104 machines havinf ECAN527HR this machines has two such cards
i have connected one channel of my PCI card with on ECAN527HR and second channel of this card with other ECAN527HR with independant CAN BUS
for some time program run smoothly but after that Channel 2 raises error trasmission buffer overflow while channel 1 keeps on working normally i am unable to fix this problem

looking forward for any help


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Re: pcan light dual channel issue

Post by U.Wilhelm » Fri 13. May 2011, 08:23

first of all, have you checked that you use the lates driver and the latest PCAN-Light DLL Versions?
http://www.peak-system.com - Support - Version Information. If you do not have the latest Versions, please download from the Support page.

As we understand you have 2 differnt CAN Channesl (independend from each other) So please check the CAN Bus where the Channel2 is connected to. Have you terminated the CAN cable? Is the other CAN node on the 2nd channel initialized with the right CAN Parameters?
If you have checked this, and the error ist still there, please send a E-Mail to support[at]peak-system.com with a detailed description of your system - we will try to fix your problem soon as possible.


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