PCAN_USB.dll Registration

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PCAN_USB.dll Registration

Post by BarbaraF » Fri 2. Aug 2013, 02:40

Hi PeakCAN,

Currently I am working on a VB.NET Wrapper of PCAN_USB.dll (so that it can be used by VB script - COM needed). My Problem is I don't know how to treat PCAN_USB.dll.

I am able to successfully register my .NET wrapper.
I have copied it into folder c:\windows\system32 and tried to use regsvr32 and regasm(both V2 and V4) to register this dll but all failed.

Could you tell me what I should do to fix this?

System: Windows 7 professional 32-bit
Environment: MS Visual Stadio 2010
Language: VB.net

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Re: PCAN_USB.dll Registration

Post by U.Wilhelm » Fri 2. Aug 2013, 12:29

We are sorry, but this is not a PEAK-System related support question. If you know how to build a COM Object Lib , which using a standard Windows DLL, you could solve your problem - independend if it is a DLL from PEAK or from any other company. Please try to find some more information on the Microsoft Support page.
Please always keep in mind that we support 32 & 64 Bit with two differnet DLLs !
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