Query Regarding the Licensing

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Query Regarding the Licensing

Post by ThanveerSidhique » Thu 8. Apr 2021, 10:11


We are using the following dlls in one of our projects:
PCAN ISO TP dll, PCAN Basic dll and PCAN UDS dll.
Should we acquire any license for redistributing them? We are using the PCAN hardware from peak systems for
our developments.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Query Regarding the Licensing

Post by M.Heidemann » Thu 8. Apr 2021, 10:48

Hello Thanveer,

You do not need to purchase licences for this purpose.

Please refer to the ReadMe.txt included in the PCANBasic API package,
see section "Rights to use these files" , the linked EULA also applies
to PCAN-ISO TP API and PCAN-UDS API as well. Your rights/requirements for distributing
your developed software is also described there.

For further questions feel free to contact us again.

Best Regards


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