Bad Timing when writing Messages

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Re: Bad Timing when writing Messages

Post by U.Wilhelm » Thu 16. Jul 2020, 10:42

You could send CAN Frames as fast as you want, if the physicall send could be done (only you know your Network...) In the PE6 we only take care that we are able to keep the minimum possible 1 ms.
When you develop your own application (with any API) - this is work of your code. You simply fill Data into a queue of the driver if you call the send function ...not more - not less.
The PCAN-Developer have a option to add a time stamp to the sending CAN Message and the driver take care of pushing this message to the Hardware when this time is reached.
If the driver could send the Data on the real CAN Bus (Bandwith, Abitration etc.) is depending on the Network itself .As i wrote, you should know your network and also know what is possible and what not
If it make sencse on a Windows System to get a better timing as 1ms - i do not think so.... you better use a real time extension (like Kithara) or use a Real Time OS.
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