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PCAN Basic and custom Net

Posted: Wed 24. Jun 2020, 08:27
by mdanski
I am currently developing tool for analyzing CAN frames. However on target machine there is configured Net which is used by PCAN Explorer.

As I found on your forum (here viewtopic.php?f=41&t=1093) connecting directly to hardware will not work if has Net assigned.

Is it possible to connect to custom Net using PCAN Basic? If it is not possible then can I disable Net, but not remove it? PCAN Explorer won't be used when my application will be opened, but not everyone will know how to correctly create Net again.

I also wonder if it is possible to download PCAN Network configuration? I couldn't find it on your website.

Re: PCAN Basic and custom Net

Posted: Wed 24. Jun 2020, 08:51
by U.Wilhelm
The NET based Development is only available with the PCAN-Developer Package, also the Tools are only part of this commercial packages. But you do not need them when using PCAN-Basic API.

Simply run your PCAN-Basic Application first, connect to the Device (CAN_INIT) after that - open PCAN-Explorer and change the Connection in an existing Project. Select the new dynamicly created NET "PCANLight_USB_16" .

The used NET Name is based on:
- used Device (USB, PCI, PCC, ISA, DNG etc.)
- used CAN Channel (for USB, PCI 16 down, for all non PNP 1 up)

You could run PCAN-View, PCAN-Explorer , PCAN-Trace and all other (also 3rd party) Applications that are build with the Developer API (CANAPI2/3/4) next to a PCAN-Basic API on the same Hardware.
The PCAN-Basic Interface DLL is based on this Development suite and make it more easys to create a CAN based Application. Less functions, no overhead with Nets, Client, Net, Hardware handles etc.

Re: PCAN Basic and custom Net

Posted: Wed 24. Jun 2020, 09:05
by mdanski
Thank you for a response. Solution with PCANLight_USB_.. Net seems to be the easiest solution.