PCAN-OEM Setup problem

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PCAN-OEM Setup problem

Post by K.Wagner » Tue 26. Jul 2011, 16:23

Hello everybody,

the MSI installer that is part of PCAN-Developer, PCAN-OEM Setup, can fail in very rare cases. This is due to a compatibility problem between the tool used for build the MSI package and a certain (unknown) configuration in some computers. They are several causes for this problem, but the most usual (and the only one ever seen within the PEAK packages) is a bug within the user interface of the MSI installer.

The only known solution for this at this moment (July 2011) is to run the OEM-Setup in silent mode (see page 16 in PCAN-OEM Setup.pdf). This prevent the user interface to be displayed and so the error doesn't happen.

If your PCAN-OEM Setup fails and you want to know if you are experimenting the bug explained here, then follow these steps:
  1. Configure the MSI on the target machine to generate a "verbose output" log file (page 20 in PCAN-OEM Setup.pdf)
  2. Run the PCAN-OEM Setup again and wait until it fails.
  3. Look for the log file
  4. Within the log file, search for the text "Error".
You are experimenting this problem if you find a text similar to this in the log file:

DEBUG: Error 2896: Executing action WiseNextDlg failed.
Internal Error 2896.
Action ended 09:31:05: Welcome_Dialog.
Return value 3.
MSI (c) (5C:3C) [09:31:05:695]: Doing action: Fatal_Error
Action start 09:31:05: Fatal_Error.

If after executing the installation in silent-mode the error persists, please contact us at support@peak-system.com and we will try to find the cause for the failure.
Best regards,

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