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Sending CAN messages under Win10 fails

Posted: Fri 21. Aug 2015, 11:01
by hpetschko
I have recently moved to Windows 10 Enterprise.
Since then I see the following strange behaviour: when my SW sends a message to the bus, I can see the message in PCAN-View, but it never seems to arrive at the physical bus, because no other participant receives it. When I send the same message from PCAN-View (to the same net), the other participants do receive it. My SW can still receive messages though.

My system:
API-Dll Version

Re: Sending CAN messages under Win10 fails

Posted: Mon 24. Aug 2015, 08:10
by G.Lang

please verify that your PCAN-USB interface is set as "active device" in the "CAN-Hardware" icon (you find the CAN-Hardware icon in the control panel)
usb_as_active_device.JPG (58.65 KiB) Viewed 3056 times
and that you also add a net to the USB-interface
add_a_net.JPG (51.8 KiB) Viewed 3056 times

Re: Sending CAN messages under Win10 fails

Posted: Mon 24. Aug 2015, 10:37
by hpetschko
All clear!
While assembling the screenshots I wanted to send to you, I found out that the message I was sending from PCANView was not identical to the one my SW was sending (network byte order tricked me). And that the 8-bit checksum algorithm (correctly!) calculated the same value for both messages. And that the CAN tool I was using on the machine computer wrongly did not show the SW generated messages.
Too many simultanous bugs for my poor mind.
Conclusion: everything is fine again.