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Posted: Tue 3. Nov 2015, 07:27
by rampinia

I have written a lot of software for our diagnostic purposes using PCAN develop that works very well with PCAN-PCI and PCAN USB PRO and PCAN USB dongle.

Now I switched to PCAN-USB FD PRO with updated drives. All Peak software works well. My software can't neither read nor write messages. Do I need to update PCAN Develop?

I see in the new PCAN View there are a lot of new parameters for setting up connection.

Thank you

Andrea R.

P.S. I was trying to put this topic on PCAN USB FD PRO but there is no "New Topic" button.


Posted: Tue 3. Nov 2015, 11:09
by M.Maidhof

thank you for the info. If you want to use the PCAN-USB Pro FD with CAN 2.0a/b (without FD), it should be no problem using it with your latest the PCAN-Developer 3 package. If you want to use CAN FD, you could use the PCANBasic 4.0, which is available on our support website for download.

To check your PCAN-Developer package, please send us an email to our support address with your licence number. Thank you.

best regards