PCAN-USB, problem with new windows device drivers 3.x

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PCAN-USB, problem with new windows device drivers 3.x

Post by Manewu » Mon 29. Nov 2010, 12:00

Over the years we developed many CAN tools with MS Visual C++ using the PCAN library VCANW32.lib and CANAPI32.h. The programs work fine with the PCAN drivers up to 2.49xx. Some time ago we upgraded to the PCAN-Developer package version 2.5 because some of our customers asked for windows 7 64Bit drivers.

Now with the 3.x drivers we don't get our programs working, not with 64Bit Windows and not with 32 Bit. Apparently the CAN function calls always get '0' back.

What do we have to do? Do we have to adapt all our programs to the new CanApi2.lib and CANAPI2.H and rebuild? Or is there a kind of 'compatibility mode' for old programs?
Second: Would the new compiled programs also run with the old 2.x drivers?


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Re: PCAN-USB, problem with new windows device drivers 3.x

Post by M.Maidhof » Mon 29. Nov 2010, 12:22

Hello Uwe,

thanks for the info. The vcanw32.dll and its library is from a PCAN-Evaluation or PCAN-Developer package 1.x, which was available between 1997 to 2001. Since 2003 this API is no longer under maintainance. So it won't be possible to work with that old vcanw32.dll with the new 3.x driver system.
You can update your API package to the canapi2.dll, or you can use the PCAN-Light or PCANBasic API, which will be available on our website for download. The features of those free APIs are similar to the API of the vcanw32.dll.

best regards


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