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Manage transmit queue

Posted: Sun 20. Oct 2013, 17:19
by PKlemm
I want to get the number of pending transmit messages in the transmit queue as shown in "PCAN Status Display" -XmtQueue. I tried GetClientParam and GetNetParam of CanAPI2 2.56.2 with PARAM_XMTQUEUEFILL and PARAM_DELAYXMTQUEUEFILL but that does not return this values. What method should I use?

What is the prefered method to clear the messages in the transmit queue. Also those that are delayed and waiting for send time?

Re: Manage transmit queue

Posted: Mon 21. Oct 2013, 11:03
by M.Maidhof

please send an email to our support email address, with your questions about the canapi2.dll. Please also send us the serialnumber of your used PCAN-Developer package. Thank you.