If it is as a Slave,How to communicate with the Master

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If it is as a Slave,How to communicate with the Master

Post by Arleneli » Thu 2. Jul 2020, 09:24

The controller has one LIN line. The software is configured as the Master.
After sending the frame header, it waits for the reply from the slave. How to communicate when PLIN-View Pro is as slave?

The controller connects LIN and GND lines to Peak System, and the PLIN-View Pro is configured as Connect after slave, but "VBat Missing" is always prompted.

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Re: If it is as a Slave,How to communicate with the Master

Post by M.Heidemann » Thu 2. Jul 2020, 10:35


Vbat missing indicates that you have no power supply to the LIN Transceiver.

Please make sure that there is 12 Volts supplied to PIN9 and either Pin5 or Pin6 is used as Ground.

To simulate a master/slave communication you can do the following:

Set up two instances of PLIN-View Pro, one as the master node, one as the slave node.

On the slave node:

Right click into the transmit window, choose a frame ID an set the frame up as a publisher frame,
change it's data if you want to.
take note of the length and checksum type.
Send this frame out at least once.

on the maste node:

Set up the same the same frame id but this time as a subscriber-frame, make sure it's the same
length and checksum type.

Send the susbcriber frame to get an response from you slave with the last data you sent out before via the slave node.

If you communicate with another software you could create an LDF file for your Slave node and load it for the current session, so
you dont have to set up every single frame individually.

Please report back to me if this solved your issue.

Best Regards


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