Add-In basic example

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Add-In basic example

Post by JR1234 » Wed 30. Jun 2021, 15:20

Hello everyone,

I'd like to add some functionallity to my PCAN Explorer 5 by using self-written add-ins.
I'm able to progam in C(++) as well as Java / C# - but I didn't create .dll files yet.
Does anyone has a minimal example, how a add-in will be programmed and compiled and how this can be adressed in PCAN explorer?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Add-In basic example

Post by M.Heidemann » Wed 30. Jun 2021, 15:53


You will find samples for Addin-projects for both Pascal (Delphi 2007) and C# (VS2010) in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\PCAN-Explorer 5\Samples

Furthermore does the PCAN-Explorer 5 help contain a detailed documentation
under "Automating tasks wih PCAN-Explorer". This section will also
explain how to intergrate the finished Addin once written.

As for compilation of the DLLs there are plenty of online ressources
explaining this in detail, we recommend to research this in an development
forum for the language/framework you are going to use.

Best Regards


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