Send different SDO messages in PCAN Explorer

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Send different SDO messages in PCAN Explorer

Post by JR1234 » Tue 7. Dec 2021, 15:19

Dear all,

I'd like to send different SDO messages to at least one device (Node-ID 9).
In the end, I want to click a button on the panel page, and this button will send a pre defined message to Node-ID 9 (COB-ID: 0x609).
So this message must contain some variables:
1. Command specifier
2. SDO Index
3. SDO Subindex
4. Payload

My idea was to create a symbol file, which includes all possibilities:

Code: Select all

FormatVersion=5.0 // Do not edit this line!

enum CS(23="WriteReq", 60="WriteResp", 40="ReadReq", 43="ReadResp", 



Var=CS unsigned 0,8 /e:CS
Var=SDO_Index unsigned 8,16
Var=SDO_Subindex unsigned 24,8
Var=Data_Byte_0 unsigned 32,8
Var=Data_Byte_1 unsigned 40,8
Var=Data_Byte_2 unsigned 48,8
Var=Data_Byte_3 unsigned 56,8
Var=Data_Word_1 unsigned 32,16
Var=Data_Word_2 unsigned 48,16
Var=Data_Byte_0_Bit_0 unsigned 32,1
Var=Data_Byte_0_Bit_1 unsigned 33,1
Var=Data_Byte_0_Bit_2 unsigned 34,1
Var=Data_Byte_0_Bit_3 unsigned 35,1
Var=Data_Byte_0_Bit_4 unsigned 36,1
Var=Data_Byte_0_Bit_5 unsigned 37,1
Var=Data_Byte_0_Bit_6 unsigned 38,1
Var=Data_Byte_0_Bit_7 unsigned 39,1
Var=Data_Byte_1_Bit_0 unsigned 40,1
Var=Data_Byte_1_Bit_1 unsigned 41,1
Var=Data_Byte_1_Bit_2 unsigned 42,1
Var=Data_Byte_1_Bit_3 unsigned 43,1
Var=Data_Byte_1_Bit_4 unsigned 44,1
Var=Data_Byte_1_Bit_5 unsigned 45,1
Var=Data_Byte_1_Bit_6 unsigned 46,1
Var=Data_Byte_1_Bit_7 unsigned 47,1
Var=Data_Byte_2_Bit_0 unsigned 48,1
Var=Data_Byte_2_Bit_1 unsigned 49,1
Var=Data_Byte_2_Bit_2 unsigned 50,1
Var=Data_Byte_2_Bit_3 unsigned 51,1
Var=Data_Byte_2_Bit_4 unsigned 52,1
Var=Data_Byte_2_Bit_5 unsigned 53,1
Var=Data_Byte_2_Bit_6 unsigned 54,1
Var=Data_Byte_2_Bit_7 unsigned 55,1
Var=Data_Byte_3_Bit_0 unsigned 56,1
Var=Data_Byte_3_Bit_1 unsigned 57,1
Var=Data_Byte_3_Bit_2 unsigned 58,1
Var=Data_Byte_3_Bit_3 unsigned 59,1
Var=Data_Byte_3_Bit_4 unsigned 60,1
Var=Data_Byte_3_Bit_5 unsigned 61,1
Var=Data_Byte_3_Bit_6 unsigned 62,1
Var=Data_Byte_3_Bit_7 unsigned 63,1

But how can I assign a button press a pre defined message?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Send different SDO messages in PCAN Explorer

Post by M.Heidemann » Tue 7. Dec 2021, 15:40


PCAN-Explorer 5 is not actively supported anymore.

You can contact us with your PCAN-Explorer 5 license-ID however via email

and we will have a look at your request.

Best Regards


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