Serial Bus Simulator Verification

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Serial Bus Simulator Verification

Post by Voracle » Thu 29. Oct 2015, 18:58


I'm new to CAN bus tinkering and I'd like to know more about what the SBS is actually doing. I have this unit along with the PEAK Diag 2 unit. The Diag 2 is supposed to allow me to sniff incoming CAN messages, and the SBS is supposed to generate messages. CAN protocol says that it should support plugging directly between two communication devices.

My question is: Can I plug the SBS into the Diag 2 in order to look at the messages coming out of the SBS?

I tried this and got nothing. I'm pretty sure that I'm doing something wrong on one of the systems. Is this even a valid exercise?


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Re: Serial Bus Simulator Verification

Post by U.Wilhelm » Fri 30. Oct 2015, 08:51

The SBS is a simple Box for education use. You could generate very simply I2C, SPI, Serial, CAN and LIN Data Frames. These Data Frames are predefined and could be "damaged" by the Box to show on a scope how the BUS Systems react when a Frame is destroyed. The CAN part could be uses to generate CAN Frame and this will be show on the scope of the Diag 2. Also the destroying of the CAN Frame by the SBS could be shown on the DIAG2 by Triggering on Error Frame. But keep in mind that tzhe SBS is not free programmable or you could free select CAN IDs , Baudrates . These parameters are FIX - see manual.
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