Virtual CAN interface for PCAN Wireless Gateway

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Virtual CAN interface for PCAN Wireless Gateway

Post by arasbm » Tue 30. May 2017, 19:33

I was wondering if it would make sense to write a driver to create a SocketCAN virtual CAN interface that connects to PCAN wireless gateway. I can see the following advantage:
  • Use can-utils tools like candump and cansend for testing and troubleshooting a live system
  • Seemlessly swap from wireless CAN to usb CAN
But then I suspect there may be some disadvantages:
  • Potential performance penalty: intercepting TCP packets and recreating CAN messages
  • More complex architecture, may introduce more point of failure
Are there other downsides to this approach? I think for us the ulternative would be to create a TCP interface and allow switching from USB to Ethernet/Wireless from our Linux application. What method do you recommend? Are there any other existing solutions that we are missing?

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Re: Virtual CAN interface for PCAN Wireless Gateway

Post by G.Lang » Wed 31. May 2017, 13:44


your suggestions/appreciations are right. A linux powered "Virtual Wireless Gateway" could be a nice thing but there exist no plans at PEAK to do this in the near future.

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