Cross-Compiling the PCAN Linux Driver for Android

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Cross-Compiling the PCAN Linux Driver for Android

Post by M.Maidhof » Mon 10. Sep 2012, 10:23


here is an info on howto install our peak-linux-driver on an Android device.

Please note that you must have good knowledge about the Android system, the Linux kernel and embedded compiling, especially, the reader should be a Linux expert, as he has to know things about :

• C language programming
• The Linux Operating System, the Linux Kernel and how to build it,
• The Android Native Development Kit (Linux device drivers are written in C language!)
• What is rooting an Android device, its consequences and a method on how to do it on their personal platform. Note that some rooting methods may use Android version’s security holes, thus, a running “rooting method” may not run after an update of the “firmware” of your Android platform.

Note that you will loss any warranty when you root your Android device!

This manual is *NOT* :
• A guide to cross‐compile on ANY Android platform nor ANY Linux version,
• A full and complete guide about the Android NDK,
• A guide on how to root any Android platform,
• A manual which explains what is and how to setup or run a cross‐compiling environment for writing device drivers nor Linux applications.

Finally, there is no guarantee and there will be no other support effort for running the pcan driver on any other Android hardware and software platform.

PEAK-System can´t give any support for that, so it is just an info that it is possible, but when you follow the advices in that manual, you will do it on your own risk.
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