Selft-Acknowledge and PCAN USB x6

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Selft-Acknowledge and PCAN USB x6

Post by alexiscar » Fri 3. Feb 2023, 15:38

I'm trying to use a PCAN USB X6 to generate traffic for a developpment board.
The developpment board CANs are configured to work in listen only-mode.
Since the USB PCAN do not support the presume-ack mode, I was wondering if there was a similar option under linux (debian 11) to the "TX self-acknowledge" mode that I saw in the windows PCAN-view app.
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Re: Selft-Acknowledge and PCAN USB x6

Post by S.Grosjean » Fri 3. Feb 2023, 17:16


At the moment, there is no presume-ack support in the socket-can nor the pcan drivers.

But it should hopefully happen in the next few weeks, at least for the pcan driver.

— Stéphane

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