Selft-Acknowledge and PCAN USB x6

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Selft-Acknowledge and PCAN USB x6

Post by alexiscar » Fri 3. Feb 2023, 15:38

I'm trying to use a PCAN USB X6 to generate traffic for a developpment board.
The developpment board CANs are configured to work in listen only-mode.
Since the USB PCAN do not support the presume-ack mode, I was wondering if there was a similar option under linux (debian 11) to the "TX self-acknowledge" mode that I saw in the windows PCAN-view app.
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Re: Selft-Acknowledge and PCAN USB x6

Post by S.Grosjean » Fri 3. Feb 2023, 17:16


At the moment, there is no presume-ack support in the socket-can nor the pcan drivers.

But it should hopefully happen in the next few weeks, at least for the pcan driver.

— Stéphane

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Re: Selft-Acknowledge and PCAN USB x6

Post by pulkomandy » Wed 26. Jul 2023, 14:53


We have noticed that the chardev interface of the driver now supports a "self-ack" option which would work for our needs. However, we have already written our application using the netdev interface (it allows us to share some code with other CAN interfaces on Linux), and in the documentation we didn't find any way to enable the self-ack option while using the driver with the netdev interface.

Are there plans for implementing some way to access the self-ack feature while in netdev mode? Can the chardev APIs be used for this while still receiving the CAN data using netdev APIs?

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Selft-Acknowledge and PCAN USB x6

Post by M.Maidhof » Wed 26. Jul 2023, 15:43


AFAIK this is not an available option in the SocketCAN definitions at the moment (see: ... ng/can.txt), that's why it is not implemented in that driver. And no, you can't use the chardev driver with SocketCAN, these are two different driver flavors.



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