PCAN-USB disappear after Ubuntu 22.04 update

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PCAN-USB disappear after Ubuntu 22.04 update

Post by cristobal » Tue 21. Feb 2023, 10:58

Hello, we are working with some Peak PCAN-USB, IPEH-002021, on Ubuntu 22.04 and your 8.15.2 driver. But the card disappears after some udpates of Ubuntu 22.04. We confirmed the problem last week, there were some updates for Ubuntu 22.04 and the card appeared (ls /dev). We made the update and the driver disappear. Please, ¿is there anyone with the same problem?

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Re: PCAN-USB disappear after Ubuntu 22.04 update

Post by M.Maidhof » Tue 21. Feb 2023, 14:27


already answered the same question this morning by email, so please don't double our work by asking the same questions by email and forum.

Answer: The peak-linux-driver is a kernel module and you have to rebuild the driver with every kernel update. Have a look on the dkms option in driver 8.15 to have a workaround for this issue. See manual of the driver for more details.



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