Selecting an interface and a software tool

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Selecting an interface and a software tool

Post by MpeakJ » Tue 19. Jan 2016, 11:57

I am a starter with CANopen bus system. I am looking to sniff into the CANOpen Bus, read the data onto the laptop and process the data to display it graphically.

I am confused with the various products. Initially I thought that PCAN-USB would be a good choice. It comes with PCAN_View and PCAN-Basic API. But after looking into PCAN_Router which could be programmed to filter the data, I am confused.

Can someone please help me out?

My task is to read the CANOpen Bus which runs from a microcontroller to a motor controller and display the rpm, current etc over time as a graphical representation on the laptop.

Kindly suggest me which one would be ideal for my task.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Selecting an interface and a software tool

Post by M.Maidhof » Tue 19. Jan 2016, 15:27


for your application, PCAN-USB and PCANBasic API will be the right choice. The PCAN-Router don´t offer a PC interface, so the PCAN-Router is a helpfull tool when you have to do a filtering or CAN baudrate switch or data manipulation without having a PC running all the time.



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