PLIN Interfaces on Windows 10 1903

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PLIN Interfaces on Windows 10 1903

Post by K.Wagner » Thu 27. Jun 2019, 09:32

Crucial on Windows 10 1903
2019-06-27 • Update the LIN interface driver now!

With the new 1903 edition of Windows 10 and the previous LIN interface drivers, a Windows Bluescreen (crash) may occur. This affects our interface products with LIN connection:
  • PCAN-USB Pro (IPEH-002061)
  • PCAN-USB Pro FD (IPEH-004061)
  • PLIN-USB (IPEH-004052)
Make sure that the LIN interface driver with version or higher is installed before connecting one of the mentioned interface products to the computer under Windows 10 1903. We recommend to install the current driver also on previous Windows versions.

Determine installed PLIN driver version:
  1. Open the Windows Start menu.
  2. Type "peakcpl" and press Enter.
    The Properties of PEAK Hardware dialog box opens.
  3. Change to the Drivers tab.
  4. Read the version number from the Plin_usb.sys entry.
The current driver setup program for our interface products can be used on Windows operating systems from version 7. You can download it from our website:

During the setup procedure, make sure that the LIN Device Driver entry is checked. Reboot the computer after setup.
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