Implementing Simple CanOpen App with Peak-Basic

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Implementing Simple CanOpen App with Peak-Basic

Post by blipton » Sat 11. Jul 2020, 02:30

I haven't found any affordable commercial software that allows one to read/plot data from a CanOpen sensor.

I'm not terribly familiar with CanOpen, so I'm not sure if this biting off more than I can chew.. especially, since I've never programmed using the Peak API.

Anyone have any thoughts how do-able implementing CanOpen sounds using Peak? Are there any recommended project examples that may make for a good starting/learning point?

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Re: Implementing Simple CanOpen App with Peak-Basic

Post by U.Wilhelm » Sun 12. Jul 2020, 12:52

You should ask the CANopen tool developer if they support our CAN modules. We offer CAN API which could easily use with most CANopen tools/stacks. We also have an CANopen software list available here in the forum. Check third party application section.
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