PCAN USB Multiple Hardware same PC

A free API for the communication with control devices according to UDS (ISO 14229-1)
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Re: PCAN USB Multiple Hardware same PC

Post by M.Heidemann » Fri 4. Dec 2020, 16:22

Hello John,

I would suggest the following approach:

Get the latest PCAN-Linux Driver package:

http://www.peak-system.com/fileadmin/me ... 0.2.tar.gz

PCAN-Linux driver Documentation:
http://www.peak-system.com/fileadmin/m ... an_eng.pdf

Note: Please see the requirements in chapter 2.2

Install the CharDev-variant of the PCAN-Linux driver, by executing in the extracted PCAN-Linux driver-folder:

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make clean
sudo make install
Load the driver:

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sudo modprobe pcan

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cat /proc/pcan
you'll be to see the available devices.

you can use the read/write interface to identfiy the device, like so (will initialize the device with 500k and starts reading, the LED will blink):

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cat /dev/pcanusbX
Afterwards you can assign a device-ID to the device by using the pcan-settings-tool described in the chapter 4.7.3 of the PCAN-Linux documentation:

sudo test/pcan-settings -f=/dev/pcanusbX -d=0
sudo test/pcan-settings -f=/dev/pcanusbY -d=1


This device-id is written into the non-volatile memory of the interface.
you can now uninstall the CharDev-driver by calling this from the driver directory:

sudo make uninstall

Now you can set up the SocketCAN-compatible NetDev driver:

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make clean
make install
and load the driver

sudo modprobe pcan

Now use the "assign"-parameter to fix the device assignment of channels (can0, can1, etc) to a device-ID

Edit the file:


and add the following line

"pcan options assign=devid"

This will make sure the channels assignment is tied to the device-id

Now either reboot or reload the the driver

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sudo rmmod pcan
sudo modprobe pcan
this feature is not available in the mainline-kernel driver.

Alternatively we do offer a PCIe chip solutions,
for more information in that regard, please contact us at support[at]peak-system.com

Best Regards


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Re: PCAN USB Multiple Hardware same PC

Post by johngassel » Mon 7. Dec 2020, 16:00


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