java headers?

A free API for the transfer of data packages according to ISO-TP (ISO 15765-2)
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java headers?

Post by andrey » Mon 6. Dec 2021, 19:17

PCAN-Basic has java example/JNI wrappers but PCAN-ISO TP does not seem to have it? Should there be consistency in coverage and java for PCAN-ISO TP?

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Re: java headers?

Post by K.Wagner » Tue 7. Dec 2021, 08:07


PCAN-Basic ist multi-platform, i.e. it is supported under the operating systems Windows and Linux. PCAN-ISO-TP, PCAN-UDS, and PCAN-OBD2 don't. For this reason we have decided not to use multi-platform programming languages for the high layer protocols, no Java and no Python.
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