RP1210_SendMessage & SendCommand question

RP1210 Development Package and RP1210 Connectivity to PEAK CAN Interfaces
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RP1210_SendMessage & SendCommand question

Post by Wayne » Wed 27. May 2020, 14:52

I’m using the USB-CAN adapter with the RP1210-C driver, when calling the send message function I’m getting an error 159 ERR_MESSAGE_NOT_SENT, also when using the send command function to set CAN broadcast I’m getting a 141 ERR_MESSAGE_TOO_LONG. I have used the code with other RP1210 adapters before.
Any advice would be gratefully received.

Win 10
PEAKRP32.dll RP1210 C (32 bit) version -
USB firmware 8.4

Thanks Wayne

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Sales & Support
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Re: RP1210_SendMessage & SendCommand question

Post by M.Heidemann » Wed 27. May 2020, 15:32

Hello Wayne,

Thank you for your request.

You use an older version of the RP1210-C API, please take a look at the change history here:


Please contact us via e-mail (with your RP-1210-C serial number) to receive an update:


Best Regards


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