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C# Example

Posted: Tue 2. Oct 2012, 14:22
by diantn

I'm trying to run the C# example using Microsoft Visual C# Express.
But it says that the PCCP.dll can't be found although I tried numerous way to include it, such as:
- put into project dir
- put into bin\Debug dir
- put into System32 dir
- set as PATH

Could you please help?

Re: C# Example

Posted: Tue 2. Oct 2012, 14:33
by diantn
Hi again,

Sorry for my previous post. :-)
I solved it by putting PCANBasic.dll in the same location as the PCCP.dll, which was not the case.

I got confused because the system says it can't find PCCP.dll and not the PCANBasic.dll.

Re: C# Example

Posted: Tue 2. Oct 2012, 14:39
by K.Wagner
Hello diantn,

Please check that the both dlls (PCCP.dll AND PCANBasic.dll) are located eather in the Windows\System32 folder or in the folder where the exe using the API is located, so that you have three files like in the following picture:
Files needed
Files needed
CCP-Files.png (2.74 KiB) Viewed 5032 times