Using PCAN-GPS as inclination sensor

Programmable Sensor Module with CAN Connection
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Using PCAN-GPS as inclination sensor

Post by ssanti » Thu 4. Nov 2021, 10:28


do we have a specific firmware version that is able to transmit the x,y,z inclination of the sensor ?
I presume this might be done applying some trigonometry (from the math.h library) to the magnetic filed data. Have you ever developed it ?


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Re: Using PCAN-GPS as inclination sensor

Post by M.Heidemann » Thu 4. Nov 2021, 11:32

Hello Dear,

We do not provide such a firmware example.

Our Delivery firmware will send raw magnetic-field sensor-data.

There is no calculation of inclination provided in the examples,
you will have to implement this yourself.

Best Regards


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