error message source diagnosis

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error message source diagnosis

Post by swissusa » Sat 26. Jan 2013, 18:37

i was wondering if there is a forum for error message source diagnosis. I am much interested in learning how to efficiently trace to the source of an error frame such a stuff bit error that is recorded in a trace file. Is there such a place within the Peak forum?

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Re: error message source diagnosis

Post by M.Maidhof » Mon 28. Jan 2013, 10:52


please download the application note AN97076 for the SJA1000 CAN Controller from the NXP website: ... N97076.pdf

There you will find all information about errorframes. The PEAK API will return the content of the Error Code Capture Register of the SJA1000 with each error frame.

To find the cause of such an error, you need to check the physical layer, as it will be possible with PCAN-DIAG2.

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